The following will inform you of our past and current pursuit to improve the conditions of black students on campus.


Before Demands

Black students at Cal have continually experienced injustice, disregard, and hostility on the UC Berkeley campus. We've also been denied access to resources that are fundamental to our development and success as scholars, as members of the campus community, and simply as living people. Although there was no strong advocacy or representation for the black community on campus at the time, the CalBSU of 2013-2014 organized to confront the ingreviences black students experience on campus. After countless hours, compromises, and revisions, the CalBSU of 2013-2014 addressed the condition of black students on campus by drafting a list of demands to the chancellor of UC Berkeley in hopes that action would be taken. 


Demands Process

To improve the condition of black students on campus, the CalBSU submitted a list of 10 demands to former chancellor of UC Berkeley, Nicholas Dirks, in hopes that he would take action. When the community received no response, we began to take actions of our own; we strategized, we protested, and we demanded that our conditions improved! One of our most notable events advancing the agenda of the demands took place on the university's annual Cal Day, 2015. Black students dressed in all black, locked arms, and blocked off Sather Gate in protest of the injustices we experience on campus. Expectedly, the students faced hostile retaliation which heightened the visibility of the black community and CalBSU, and also put pressure on the chancellor to take action.


Activism Today

Today we enjoy the fruits of our  revolutionary labor in the safe campus space designed by us for us. We fought bravely and tirelessly for the creation of the new Fannie Lou Hammer Resource Center and now we are able to occupy that space lovingly and supportingly as a result. Although majority of the demands were addressed, the demands that still have not been met are still on our agenda in this moment. The current CalBSU of 2017-2018 has submitted a reformed list of demands to the new chancellor of UC Berkeley, which include the previous demands that were neglected, as well as reformed demands developed by our community.